Aug 1, 2019 | Planning & Advices

The world is changing and we are increasingly getting involved in making it a better place to live. There are people who are trying to reduce their ecological footprint and others who have decided to volunteer for the well-being of some of the most disadvantaged people and communities.

That is why I have 3 options that can print in your wedding those values that define you and making it a sustainable and supportive wedding.

1. Wedding favors:

As guests, we often receive gifts prepared with a lot of affection by the bride and groom, but that in reality, they may have little use on a daily basis and end up soraged in some place of our homes.

In May I attended a super special event, @eventoslazossolidarios. During the event, they explained their proposal for all those couples who want to have a solidary wedding. This year they support #PielDeMariposa, an association that was born to help, train and accompany both families and professionals related to this disease; cataloged as  rare and incurable. You can allocate part of the budget that is normally used in wedding favors to this cause,  and through the solidarity cards that Samikay has designed,  you can communicate your guests that in this wedding they are also helping.

Photographs by Marie Marry Me

2. Guest of Honor:

You can symbolically add one more guest, and the cost that this action represts can be donated on the cause of your preference.

You don’t need to set up a place at the ceremony or at the table, just  communicate to your guests that you have one more guest who will be helped in the way you have decided.

Photograph by Lanty at Unsplash

3. Honeymoon:

Travelling to an all-inclusive hotel, to a paradisiacal beach and being pampered may not be an ideal honeymoon for many couples.There are other alternatives in which, without so many luxuries, you can leave a possitive impact on the community you visit.

On this occasion I wanted to mention Nomad Republic, who are a travel agency that organize volunteering trips in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Portugal. Leaving more than 50% of the cost of  the trip on an economic impact for the community and the project you’ve decided to support.

As a volunteering activity, you will be working for the community or environment in which the project is developed. Among some of their projects are teaching English to children in Bali, assisting in the preservation of a protected species (rich coast turtles, Elephants in Thailand or the Iberian wolf in Portugal) or assisting in the preservation of the jaguar’s habitat in Yucatan, México.

If  you still want the whole honeymoon experience, after completing the project, you could alternatively plan the ideal honeymoon, extending your stay to enjoy the beaches of México, Thailand or Costa Rica, to name a few..

Photographs from the Nomad Republic website

I hope it has helped you to get  ideas to have a sustainable and  supportive wedding .