I am Cristina, the girl who shared rice and flowers at each family wedding, the teenager who used to see wedding magazines with her best friend and the woman who chose to study Industrial engineering and get her specialization in Project Management to focus all those years of experience to manage more personal projects, your wedding.

Working in an industrial environment, being responsible for important projects with a large budget asociated, shaped my personality and has endowed me with great qualities. Always demanding nothing more than excellence in each one of the projects I am involved in.

I love what a lighted candle makes me feel, to listen Bossa nova when I need to chill and to listen Mexican music when I feel nostalgic. I just love music and chocolate. 

I live in Barcelona since 2012, but it was not until 2013 that my passion for weddings was strengthened when I faced the biggest project of my life, our wedding.

I am from a small Mexican town, so I knew that getting married abroad was not going to be a path of roses. 

I really enjoyed every detail of the planning and organization process; working on a project that was mine, so personal and so ours. It was there when I understood that weddings are the kind of projects I want to manage and I decided to help couples who are going through what I went through and give them the trust and support they and their guests need.