At Cristina Claro Events, we specialize in organizing beautiful, simple and timeless weddings.

Our aim is to design and plann your wedding as you have always dreamed of; a wedding in which to dance and enjoy of your special day is the common thread, designed to reflect your personality in every detail. We want stress not to be present in any phase of the whole process.

We invest at least  250 hours for each wedding and to guarantee the best quality and attention, we only work with a small number of projects annually.

Hello! I’m Cristina, Your Wedding Planner in Barcelona 

I am in love with life, of the simple things, and a good cup of coffee in the morning. People who know well define me as organized, friendly, decisive, and natural.

I studied Industrial Engineering in my beloved México and a Master in Project Management in Barcelona. With all the back ground and the Knowledge this profession has given me over 8 years, plus the specialization as Wedding Planner I got in 2017, I decided to transfer all this knowledge and help all those couples to have the wedding they have always dreamed.

Each wedding is special and therefore requires a level of specialization according to each couple. There are no equal couples, therefore we do not do two weddings alike.

When the passion began…


I live in Barcelona since 2012, but it was not until 2013 that my passion for weddings was strengthened when I faced the biggest project of my life, our wedding.

I am from a small Mexican town, so I knew that getting married abroad was not going to be a path of roses. 

I really enjoyed every detail of the planning and organization process; working on a project that was mine, so personal and so ours. It was there when I understood that weddings are the kind of projects I want to manage and I decided to help couples who are going through what I went through and give them the trust and support they and their guests need.