Delta by Immaclé: elegantemente libre

Oct 28, 2021 | Belleza & Moda

Vanilla, Wood. An intoxicating scent takes over my senses and I’m loving it.

I can’t explain how excited we were when Imma herself welcomed us to her gorgeous atelier, her home. Welcoming us to the place where she receives her bold brides from all around the world.

With her powerful personality, her humble soul, and her creative mind, Imma introduced us to her universe, her amazing team, and the place where all the magic happens.

In Imma’s hands are the capacity of making true art, of capturing femininity and fusing it with the modern souls who are waiting for her new collection, Delta by Immaclé.

No todas las novias son iguales ni todas van de blanco




Todo es como un rompecabezas, cada patrón está hecho especialmente para cada novia.

La nueva colección: delta, by immaclé


This collection is inspired by the nature that surrounds El Delta de l’Ebre.  A bohemian, romantic, and natural space that offers to this collection a feminine and neutral vibe, where modernity and naturalness coexist and became one.

18 emblematic wedding gowns, where brides are wrapped around romantic embroidered Tule with relaxing silhouettes, but most important, they can be themselves, being comfortable and gorgeous at the same time.

Muchas gracias por la cálida bienvenida y por permitirnos echar un vistazo al universo de Immaclé


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