Feb 2, 2020 | Inspiration

What happens when two people, two souls meet? What happens when you let yourself go and allow love and complicity to lead the way?

When I see Veronica and Pablo, these two unknowns come to my mind. A beautiful and complicit couple. A fireproof couple, because they are fire; the fire of a sweet candle, that illuminates and calms us.

The answers to these two unknowns are clear. The union of these two beautiful people results in the same element, infinite love and the desire to spend the rest of their lives together.

“blooming love is a tribute to all those couples who start a new path and embrace their new life together


“The floral decoration,

bouquet, and stationery framed

veronica and Pablo’s story”


A winter weather took over the autumn of Barcelona in the last weeks of November 2019. Rainy and cold days were set aside to celebrate the promise of love made by two people in love and newly engaged. Veronica, with an elegant style and a heart of gold has sworn eternal love to Pablo, a noble and funny soul.

With the nature of Barcelona as a background, we wanted to show that true love exists and that finding it is not a task of titans, as new technologies and social networks make it look to new generations.

Veronica and Pablo are engaged and plan to hold a legal ceremony next year, but this ceremony has been the prelude, their most intimate moment to say yes; yes, to wake up together every morning, to overcome the adversities that come with the years, but above all to live and treasure all the beautiful moments that await them. The location is a place well known to the lovely couple and they wanted to feel welcomed by a family atmosphere and that fills them with good memories as a couple.

“Their complicity and their

glances were all they need

to make this day memorable”



The bridal look was built by the talented Nina Prat, which shows the natural beauty of the Veronica, framed by the magical and natural environment of Barcelona’s surroundings.

Inku atelier‘s dress was the canvas that perfectly combined with the simplicity and naturalness of Veronica. Her ethereal designs and the atmosphere of this photoshoot were captured by the talented photographer Claudia Corvi.

The organization and table decoration were in charge of Cristina Claro Events which was complemented by the beautiful invitations and minutes of Laia Brunet. The floral decoration and altar decoration was beautifully designed and made by Gloria Molina.