I know how overwhelming and time consumming the process of Planning your wedding can be; but getting married abroad can make it even more challenging.

I propose to be the person of your confidence who will see with the same affection all the details and aspects of your wedding.

We create custome made events. We believe that your story is unique and so must be your wedding. Below you can find  some of the services we offer and we will be more than glad to hear your story and provide you a unique proposal.




Do not let that lack of time or not knowing where to start stop you to have your dream wedding. We will work together from the beginning, creating the design concept that reflects you, placing at your disposal the best professionals that will make your wedding unforgettable.

Throughout the planning process you will have access to our task management system; a control plan in order to manage your budget and schedule the payments to vendors, etc.

During the wedding day I will guarantee that everything will be perfect and that you and your guests enjoy every single moment; stress free and no setbacks.




If you would like to plan and coordinate the details of your wedding, and you’re looking for design and execution guidance, this is the perfect service for you. I will help you to conceptualize, design and execute your wedding as you have always dreamed of. Your wedding will reflects your personality.

Throughout the planning process you will have access to our task management system; a plan to control the budget and schedule of payments to suppliers.

The most important thing is that you will not be alone during the planning process, but it will be you who will lead the process.




Because you want everything to be perfect; enjoying your wedding and being stress free, this is the service for you. I will contact all the vendors during these 15 days and I will be the main contact for them, to organize and attend any last minute request. You can delegate in me the vendor’s supervision and management 15 days prior to the wedding.

With this service you will also have 8 hours of supervision and direction of the ceremony. The setup of the reception is included.




We love to create unique events and our mission is to organize the events that your brand needs while you’re focus on manage your company.
– Product launches
– Meetings

Weddings are surrounded by other events that must be taken care of and we would like to help you.
– Marriage proposal
– Chic bridal shower
– Engagement parties