We live in a society that continuously overload us information.When routines keeps us trapped and we can’t  elbow our way and set us free, or at least it seems to.

Any excuse is perfecto to go out, move our legs and get a bit of sunbeam (blessed sun) and fuel our bodies with the much-desired vitamin D, which recently discovered is so important. After all “you don’t know what you have until you see it lost”, or insufficient in my case.

That’s why I wanted to take advantage of the first rays of spring, the morning breeze that permeates the lawn and prepare a brunch with a decoration that invites us to stay forever. In an environment that relaxes us on its own, with a delicious meal and the company of that person that makes that suddenly, any problem that is on my horizon look small, my dear husband.

Photography – Laia Cantenys

Decoration and styling – Cristina Claro Events

In one of those days where nothing pleases me more than taking off my shoes and feel the nature on my feet. On one of those days where I just want to fill my glass of wine and toast for the future that begin in the next second and in the second after that. In one of those days where I like to dream about what I would do if I won the lottery and the thousand original ways in which my husband would notify me of this event (who else has dreamed about that?)

This can be also your elopement wedding or destination wedding in one of the beautifuls places that Catalonia and Spain have for you.

I hope this post took you with me and I would love to know what you do when you are in your relax moment. What do you think?, what do you enjoy the most?