Marina and Sara

I married Sara over a year ago. We Worked with Cristina and we both agree that it couldn’t have been any better.

I remember all the love she putted into every detail, visualizing our essence and reflecting it into our wedding.

Finding someone who listen and understand what you want, but most important that can make that day to be unforgettable is priceless.

Cristina is a person with a big heart, dedicated to what she does; a person that is happy for others happiness.

She achieved to be a very important piece of your wedding day.

Thank you so much for your professionalism, your love and all the time you spend with each one of us to make that day the best day ever.

Marina Muñoz


Maru and Chris

Cristina surpassed our expectations. She is kind, resolutive and very organized. She makes you live this experience calmer since you know she has everything under control.

I can totally recommend her for being your wedding planner.

Thank you for all the hard work and for making this day memorable.

Maru Murillo


Alejandra and Rafael

Cristina was helpful since day one. We had the first meeting with her and she understood perfectly what we needed.

She helped us to manage our budget, find the right vendors and  be calm in moments of stress. Knowing that someone is there for you and that she wll handle everything in case of any issue made us face everything with confidence. Thank you so much Cristina!

Alejandra Sainz


Vania and Gerardo

I will never forget our wedding day and I am grateful to Cristina for that. She understood what we wanted immediately, guided us through the process and calmed our nerves when we needed. She is patient, efficient organized and kind. Getting married can be stressful but thanks to Cristina it was stress-free and we enjoyed the entire process. 

Vania Elias